Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rules and Guidelines Disclaimer

I reserve the right to ban anyone from using these services at any time and for any reason, this includes, but is not limited to:Abusive language .Incitement to hatred.Intolerance.Swearing - Even masked profanity!Disrespecting other visitors.Advertising products or services.Causing a disturbance.Purposefully annoying other visitors.Membership of the forum may be withdrawn if an account remains inactive for six months.GuidelinesBe nice.I recommend that only adults should use these services.Native speakers are welcome, please do take part in the reading or speaking sessions, it is great to listen to other accents. Some people online may be dangerous. They may not be who you think they are. In order to protect yourself you should not tell them your real name, address or give them any personal or contact details or anything that would comprimise your location or identity.Don't give out your email address especially if it contains part or all of your name.Don't tell anyone details about your routine. You are strongly advised to NEVER meet anyone that you know just from the Internet.Predatory, threatening, harassing and illegal behaviour will not be tolerated.Courtesy should be given to others..Respect should be shown to others.Remember people have different cultures, religions, views and beliefs. You might not agree with them, but that's no excuse to attack them personally.No Profanity! The use of vulgar or sexual language or references to such will not be tolerated.I realise some people are shy and therefore using a microphone in the conversation group is not compulsory, but do follow the topic when typing in the chat window.I recommend that you do not open URLs that are posted by other users whom you do not trust, they may contain links to viruses or sites with disturbing content.Family friendly URL's may be posted. However URL's to other chat rooms, or to any form of advertisement or adult site are not permitted. Posting of such URL's will result in being banned.Just remember - "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all "

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